Media Sizes (with Typical Applications)

product photo: SoilRox Amender XF
SoilRox Amender • XF [top size 1/8" + extensive fines]

DESCRIPTION: Pumice stones sized 1/8-inch and smaller with extensive fines content. The larger stones open up pore spaces to greatly improve drainage and aeration (gas exchange) in the root zone. Extensive fines provide widely-dispersed soil conditioning—capturing, holding and time-releasing moisture and nutrients back to the roots. This elemental restructuring of the soil profile is permanent—SoilRox is inorganic and will not break down over time. This is especially welcome in long-term landscaped/greenscaped areas like lawns and ground-cover features. Used to amend expansive areas containing poor native soils. Properly portioned and blended, this SoilRox amender grade reduces or eliminates the need for tilling, as the pumice provides elemental tilth, friability, drainage, and compaction resistance.

Typical Homeowner Applications: Turf lawns, landscaped ground covers, (including ornamental grasses and shrubbery) large garden plots, berry plots, in-ground green house beds (especially for root crops), perennial flower and/or herb gardens.

Typical Commercial Applications: Turf for parks and athletic fields, high-value crop fields, mining and construction restoration/reclamation projects, wetland builds, biofiltration systems, ecology embankments and other runoff control and filtration constructs.

product photo: SoilRox Blender SF
SoilRox Blender • SF [medium stones (3/8 to 1/8) + some fines]

DESCRIPTION: Pumice stones sized between 3/8 and 1/8 inches (average) with some fines. The pumice fines function to further enhance moisture and nutrient retention on a micro level at a more complete in-soil dispersion rate while the larger stones enhance the aeration profile and facilitate drainage—especially important when growing in containers.

Typical Applications: potted plants, hanging flower baskets, grow boxes, greenhouse beds, flower beds, and garden plots. Used in lightweight soil and soilless blends engineered for roof gardens and container plantings where soil weight/load is an issue. Also used in container soil blends where a more thorough size-range dispersion of pumice is desired. For landscaping/greenscaping applications, is used to amend native soils with some clay and silt content.

product photo: SoilRox Enhancer NF
SoilRox Enhancer • NF [medium stones (3/8 to 1/8); no fines]

DESCRIPTION: Pumice stones sized between 3/8 and 1/8 inches (average). Contains no fines (NF). Enhances aeration as well as water and nutrient retention properties. Used in specially-crafted soil and grow media blends where elemental tilth and friability is inherent, making the for need for pumice fines to improve the soil structure unnecessary. Though lightweight, SoilRox is somewhat heavier than perlite and vermiculite, providing more substance and anchoring weight for growing top-heavy plants in pots. SoilRox does not tend to work its way to the surface over time like lighter amendments, and the irregular, grippy edges of the stone also work to bind it into the soil matrix.

Typical Applications: Blended in specialized soil (no native soil) formulations used for container-grown plants, grow boxes, greenhouse beds, seed pots, and garden plots.

Typical Applications 2: Used in specialized soilless media blends (or straight up) to grow succulents, bromeliads, cacti. Also used by bonsai growers.

product photo: SoilRox Mulcher C
SoilRox Mulcher • C [medium-large stones (5/16); cleaned/no fines]

DESCRIPTION: Pumice stones sized at 5/16 inches (average). Contains no fines. Provides a lightweight, decorative covering mulch that suppresses weed growth while insulating the soil beneath against extreme temperature swings. Works to both hold moisture in the soil and hold the soil in place. SoilRox Mulcher won't blow away like bark-type mulches can. Retains its grey-white color indefinitely. Can be easily removed and reused.

Typical Applications: Top dressing mulch for container-grown plants, indoor and out. Also used to dress flower and decorative planting beds.


Horticultural Pumice Purity Disclaimer: Horticultural grade pumice is typically comprised of 98% pumice and 2% other igneous minerals, which are not able to be removed through our mining processes.