SoilRox does not need to be super-heated in a kiln and expanded to achieve its useful physical state—SoilRox (pumice) comes by its functional form naturally.

About Our Pumice

The genesis of pumice begins deep in the earth, in the fiery heart of a volcano, water mixing with molten rock...pressure building, rock splitting, finally finding a violent, spectacular release on the surface. The water trapped in the viscous, super-heated rock flashes to steam, blasting the sticky magma into a frothy stone that cools, hardens, and falls to the earth as pumice.

pumice from volcanic events

Pumice is abundant and found in many parts of the world, but Mother Nature did not create all pumice equally.

In the southeast corner of the State of Idaho, a score of miles northwest of Malad City, lies a vast reserve of white, pure pumice that is in demand all over the world. That demand is the result of two factors: the purity and brightness of the pumice, and the company that mines and refines it: Hess Pumice Products.

The Hess pumice deposit is located on what was once the shoreline of an ancient lake known as Lake Bonneville...a vast, freshwater lake that once covered much of North America’s Great Basin region (most of Utah and parts of Idaho and Nevada). The Great Salt Lake is all that remains of that once vast body of water. The extinct volcano that produced the Hess pumice deposit is about a mile to the north of the mine. The volcanic ash (pumice) fell into the lake, where years of relentless wave action gathered, washed and stratified it. This incessant process cleaned the pumice of the undesirable heavy minerals and other impurities that are often found in other pumice deposits.

The pumice from the Hess deposit is fascinatingly versatile, used widely in industry for a variety of processes and products—in personal care exfoliating products, polishing compounds, pencil erasers. It’s a functional filler for paints and coatings and a highly-effective concrete pozzolan. It is used as an aggressive filtration media for water, oil, and juices. It’s a great soilless grow media, is used as a seed coating, improves the composting process and more.

SoilRox™ is sourced from this same world-famous Hess Pumice deposit—recognized as the planet’s purest commercial deposit of white pumice.

Horticultural Pumice Purity Disclaimer: Horticultural grade pumice is typically comprised of 98% pumice and 2% other igneous minerals, which are not able to be removed through our mining processes.

About Hess Pumice

In continual operation since 1958, Hess Pumice operates production facilities equipped with innovative and efficient refining technology and machinery. Hess Pumice has a stable source of supply, an exclusive focus on producing precisely controlled pumice grades, and the logistical expertise to ship pumice anywhere on the planet. This focus has made Hess Pumice the world’s leading supplier of highly refined pumice products.